The Walpole Bay Hotel With Ghosthunter Tours 26/02/22

Kent Paranormal is attending an event hosted by Ghost Hunter Tours at the Walpole Bay Hotel Margate on the 26/02/2022. The Walpole was built in 1914 as an hotel for the Budge family, who ran it until 1995, when they sold it to Peter and Jane Bishop, complete with most of its original furniture, silverware and linen. The hotel’s caged 1927 Otis Trellis lift, Edwardian Mappin & Web sugar bowls stamped with Walpole Bay Hotel and Art Deco furnishings revive the glamour of Twenties British seaside holidays. However, it’s impossible to address the character of the Walpole without reference to Jane Bishop, matriarch and keeper of the hotel’s ‘Living Museum’.The eccentric Jane has amassed a jungle of oddments, many of which are donations from the public who trust her to safeguard their mementos of bygone eras. Antique photographs of Margate, tattered teddy bears, vintage wedding dresses, framed napkins, Colman’s mustard pots and a cheese dish collection are just a fraction of the overflowing – and overwhelming – assortment of stuff, which must be embraced in order to love the Walpole.