Reculver Towers Investigation 26/03/2010

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Reculver Towers Investigation 26/03/2010

Reculver Towers Investigation 26/03/10

We arrived at Reculver about 9pm in the evening and set up in the left hand tower (Furthest from the sea). This particular night there were only two of us myself and fellow investigator Danny. I noticed that someone had thrown a drinks can into the corner of the left hand tower and made some comment to Danny about whoever threw the can there has got no respect for historic sites like Reculver.
The weather was cold but dry and windy (It always seems to be windy at Reculver) which is why we always set up in the towers as it is sheltered from the wind.
The first job was to unpack the chairs and set up the night vision camcorder. This was put on a tripod in the left hand tower facing the right hand tower to record the area where the steel door is which gives access up to the towers. This is of course locked so no one can venture up there.
The camcorders built in infra-red light does not have a very good range so I positioned another infra-red light near the steel door to illuminate that area better.
Now set up and camcorder recording Danny (already seated) began to do some EVP sessions with his digital voice recorder. In the meantime I got up out of my chair and went to start taking some photographs however on doing this I suddenly saw what I can only describe as a spark of light traveling from above downwards.
I dismissed this as my eyes playing tricks on me and went outside the towers to carry on to take pictures. I then heard a noise of which Danny soon after muttered "F...... Hell!"
I quickly went back inside the towers to see what was going on only to see Danny looking at the drinks can in the corner of which he said “the can moved”.
Nobody saw the can move but we both heard it so at this point I decided to quickly point the camcorder at the can in the left hand tower. The can was now our centre of attention but for the remaining couple of hours we stayed there no further activity took place. Danny had apparently asked whether there was anybody who would like to talk to us and within seconds of him saying this the can moved.

There is something more to know about this occurrence.............

The can was laying on its side and had not moved up until this point. After the can was filmed it still did not flinch for the rest of the time we were there. We have gone back weeks later and placed a identical can in the corner and it has never moved. The camcorders audio picked up some wind noise as well as the sound of the can moving but the wind noise actually dropped about the time the can moved.
The other thing I noticed when I played back the footage of the camcorder was the light anomaly occurred at 29 minute 48 seconds and the can moved at 31 minutes 00 seconds approx. This was 01 minutes 12 seconds later, coincidence or what you decide?
The light anomaly was actually captured on the camcorder video and I have slowed it down 20 times and took a screen capture so you can see it for yourself and
the drinks can. The light anomaly (center) is on the right hand side of the steel door coming down.

Image Image

Bigger picture below of the light anomaly:


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