Compass Paranormal Museum Of Kent Life 14/07/2012

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Compass Paranormal Museum Of Kent Life 14/07/2012

My Personal Report Is Below:

Weather Report

It had been raining heavy all day but was now drying up and very little wind. Space Weather = Solar Flare activity present.
Temperature in most of the buildings was about 19 - 22 degrees centigrade apart from the Tea Room which was very warm.

I arrived at the venue approximately 8.30 pm and made my way up to the Tea Rooms where most of the groups that have been here use as a base as there is Tea and Coffee available here and Toilets nearby.
We were all greeted by Mario and Kirk (Compass Paranormal Staff) and briefed about an hour on most aspects of Ghost Hunting and shown a variety of various pieces of equipment that we could use throughout the night. This went on for about an hour and a half of which we all had a cup of Tea or Coffee before our nights vigil.
Mario and Kirk then took us out on a tour of the Museum/Farm of which we first went to Petts Farmhouse. Mario picked up on a spirit of a woman in the house who appeared to work there for no charge. He also picked up on the fact that there were four sons who were called up for the war. We then headed to the Church where he seemed to not really pick up on much there so we moved quickly on to the Lenham Cottages.
Here it was quite interesting as Mario picked up on a girl who would move across the bottom of the stairway and look up peering around the corner of the stairs.He also said that she told him she was not attached to the property but was attached to a doll in the property.At this point Mario asked Kirk to go upstairs and see if there was a doll up there of which there was. The girl told him that the doll had two faces of which Mario relayed this to Kirk. Kirk said be more specific about these two faces but Mario could not really narrow it down much more than that.The Doll did have two faces as when you turned it upside down the skirt reversed and showed another face/body. We then headed back to the Tea Room for another break of which we then were told we could go out on our own.
At this point I teamed up with Justine and Richard and headed back to the Lenham Cottage also accompanied by Kirk (Compass Paranormal).
On a previous investigation with Thanet Ghostwatch one of our team members saw something in the cottage move past the bottom of the stairs so I thought this needs checking out
given the opportunity to do so again. We all went upstairs in the cottage and I set up an infra-red camera looking down the stairs and also placed a K2-Meter at the top of the stairs along with my Tascam sound recorder.
Kirk set up a Beam Barrier Alarm System downstairs to detect any movement in the right hand room which also flashed to warn any visitor not to trip over them.
Interestingly enough the Infra-Red Camera did not pick up any of the flashed so the IR was not sensitive to the red light emitted from the Beam Barrier Alarms.
A PSB7 (Ghost Box) session was also carried out of which there did seem to be an interesting response of which I received when asking the question " Where In The House Am I ?
Kirk then left us and we carried on the vigil a little longer before we left the cottage with nothing strange to report other than a deathly silence in the building.
Outside we met up with Kirk who apparently had quite an experience down in the Oast House with a few of the other guests down there.
We headed down with him as he explained what had happened. When the guests left he was alone in the Oast House so he called out to the spirits to sit next to him in a chair or at least come near to him. To his surprise the chair next to him moved away from the wall of which he left rather quickly.
When we got to the Oast House I set up an Infra-Red Camera looking at the chair that moved and placed a K-2 Meter on it to try and detect any strange EMF fields present.
Very soon Mario turned up to inform us the evening was over and we had to head back to the Tea Room for final farewells and go.

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