Haunted Happenings Museum Of Kent Life 16/12/2011

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Haunted Happenings Museum Of Kent Life 16/12/2011

Haunted Happenings Museum Of Kent Life Event 16/12/11

Postby Andy » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:22 am
My Personal Report As Posted On Haunted Happenings Website.

It was a great night and thoroughly enjoyed it.
The most active place in my opinion where I actually witnessed some strange occurrences was the
Sandling Farmhouse between 2:39 and approx 3:20 in the morning.
This was the lower building and I was left alone in the ground floor bathroom sitting on a stool with
a sweet in my right hand.
My torch and video recorder was turned off as requested by Ron ( HH ) and I was then left alone for
approx 15 minutes.
I could see reasonably well as mix of moonlight/streetlighting coming in through window.
After 3 minutes the sweet spun round about half a turn and flew off my hand on to the floor. I was
I Managed to keep still for about another 6 minutes but then got video camcorder and started filming.
Went round ground floor and saw another member of group with a sweet in her hand sitting in the
ground floor living room. I asked her if she had anything strange happen to her and she said she had
and just at that moment I saw a shadow go past the window.
I moved back and forth but it was not my shadow this was between outside light source and the window
so I went to investigate but bashed the table in the passageway causing Ron ( HH ) to come down from upstairs
where the rest of the group were. I then got distracted and went back upstairs to rejoin the group.
Never got the chance to check outside but I am sure there was nobody there as all group one were up on
the second floor and other groups were at top end of site.
Unfortunately time was running out and we had to leave this building to regroup in the Chapel.

I have listened to my Digital Recorder but do not seem to have captured any EVPs.

Video still to go through for any other strange evidence captured.

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