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Dover Castle 07/10/17 Ghosthunter Tours

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:23 pm
by kentpara
The following EVP Phenomena was captured during the night using an Olympus VN-3100PC Voice recorder and a PSB11 Spirit Box.

The following question was asked using an Olympus VN-3100PC:

What town is this castle in?

Using the PSB11 we also got this response throughout the night:

I asked whether a message could be left for us to hear and we got this reply
which sounds like heavy breathing and a woman singing:

I asked another question:

What is your name?

Finally I asked whether who I was talking to worked here:

There was also some video footage captured of what appears to be a pebble rolling off of a cannon in the tunnels.

All The Above Recordings captured by Kent Paranormal.