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Kent Paranormal was founded in 2009 by a previous member of Thanet Ghostwatch. Since then Kent Paranormal has investigated many locations with various other Paranormal groups and teams investigating what has fascinated many people throughout the years. Kent Paranormal has recently investigated sites which have never been investigated before through membership of The Ghost Club in and around Kent. Kent Paranormal has an active page on Facebook and a PHPBB board with various articles and interesting accounts of the Paranormal. Current and previous investigations carried out are listed in the investigation link on this site and on our Facebook page.

Next Investigation Deal Castle On 08/02/2020

Kent Paranormal is attending an event hosted by Ghost Hunter Tours at Deal Castle on the 08/02/2020. In 1539, Henry VIII’s preparations for war included a huge construction programme of new artillery forts on the south and east coasts of England. Three castles were to protect the vulnerable beaches around Deal and the Downs, an important naval offshore anchorage. These castles were a response to an invasion threat that resulted from Henry VIII’s foreign policy, particularly his involvement in the struggle between Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (reigned 1516–56), and Francis I, King of France (r.1515–47). By 1539, Henry’s conduct in his divorce from Catherine of Aragon, in the destruction of monasteries and in taking control of the Church in England, had resulted in their alliance against him, urged on by an enraged Pope. The Downs castles were completed in October 1540, and by the end of Henry’s reign in 1547 Deal was one of 42 new artillery forts that protected ports, anchorages and estuaries. Those built in the first few years, including Deal, adopted a form that enabled all-round defence, and were planned and built by the staff of Henry’s Works departments. They are beautiful architectural designs, intricately and scientifically planned to concentrate the fire of heavy guns against ships, while also enabling close defence against a land force. Deal Castle had guns mounted in five tiers.